MMF offers bespoke solutions in Royalty Compliance, Channel Compliance and Distributor/Reseller Management, Vendor Management, Data Mining, KPIs, Data Analysis and Management across many different Industries.


Royalty Compliance

Your intellectual property and intangible assets are a tremendous value for your business, so it is of paramount importance to implement royalty compliance audits in order to defend and maximize revenue. In today’s fierce, globally competitive marketplaces, intellectual property protection and management of enterprise intellectual property rights are necessary to ensure agreements are being honored and to protect and enhance your value stream. Through evaluation and audits for contract compliance, MMF will offer invaluable insights into the actual implementation of your intellectual property contract.


Channel Compliance and Distributor / Reseller Management

With globalization, cross-border collaboration among international enterprises has become inevitable. Many European and American companies operating in Greater China and Southeast Asia suffer from sales channel “leakage” which impacts revenue and profits directly but perhaps more importantly, this leakage puts brand perception at risk with the increased potential for counterfeit goods. Through cooperation and partnership with your company, MMF will help you improve the efficiency of your sales channels in a way that best meets your business and brand protection strategies. MMF can analyze and evaluate control processes, operations and reporting tools to enhance your sales channel risk management and help achieve sustainable compliance results.


Vendor Management

Enterprises often face complex contractual relationships in their collaboration efforts and the contracts include significant financial risk management terms. MMF’s professional team brings years of experience within your reach to help you effectively and quickly manage supplier assessments and audits allowing you to increase operating income and reduce costs while maintaining your business relationships.


Data mining, KPIs, Data Analysis and Management (Data Mining, KPI, and Scorecard Solutions)

Master effective data mining and make good use of data analysis trends to keep your enterprise competitive and maximize your resources. MMF systematically integrates data analytics to provide you with an analyzed path so that you quickly understand the key issues and risks to your value chain.



Semiconductor, consumer electronics, software, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, luxury goods, and food and beverages